1969 Pontiac Firebird - Reklamer

En af de få, hvis ikke den eneste, reklame for ´69 Firebird, hvor det IKKE er 400 eller Trans Am modellen man reklamerer for.

Dobbeltsideannonce for Trans Am modellen

Igen en dobbeltsideannonce. Denne annonce er typisk for Pontiac for denne periode, da den indeholder begge deres store slogans for denne tid.

Wide-Track og Break Away

Firebirden til højre er iøvrigt samme farve som min oprindelig var.
Limelightgreen m. vinyltag

The Graduate

We´ll grant you two wheels are better than none. But look what happens when Firebird swoops onto the scene. If it´s our 400 version. You won´t believe how this one handles. Don´t let the smoothness fool you. New rear axle, new load rates on our multi-leaf rear springs and a set of sticky wide-ovals (mounted on 7-inch rims) put new shine on Firebird´s cornering reputation. A 400-cubic-inch Quadra-Jet V-8 attached to a 3-speed heavy-duty transmission, stirred by a Hurst , is your standard power setup. But there´s also our two-scoop RamAir IV that you can order with a 4-speed hand shifter or with a 3-speed Turbo Hydramatic if you just tell your dealer. Obviously all that genius is below decks. Topside, Firebird comes with all-new looks. Inside, new comfort. With wider, more heavily padded bucket seats wrapped in Pontiac´s own wowen vinyl. Also an all new highly readable instrument panel. Hood tach, front disc brakes, variable-ratio power steering, polyglas-cord wide-tread rubber . . . all that great Pontiac stuff ! . . .  will practically let you build your own Firebird . . . if you want to. And that´s a liberal education in itself. Firebird 400 by Pontiac


På denne og de 3 næste tegnede reklamer er det tydeligt at se hvordan man har snydt lidt og gjort Firebirden lavere og bredere end den i virkeligheden var. Når nu sloganet var "Wide-Track" skulle det jo underbygges, koste hvad det ville.

Teksten lyder:

A sportscar that rides as good as it looks. That’s a Break Away!

Face it. It used to be thar sports car fans expected to be jostled, joited and jangled every time they took to the road. But that was before our 1969 Firebird 400 made the scene. We couldn´t figure why a guy should have his spine rattled just because he enjoys the styling, handling and great performance of a sportscar. 
So steps were taken. Of course we started with Pontiac´s famous Wide-Track stance. We also flattened out the rear axle housing to minimize bottoming out. We made the suspension firm, yet easy riding. We put in special wheel bearing grease. We even turned our universal joints to help eliminate vibration. Boots and buckets are another part of the stoty. Our redline wide-ovals are on 7” wheel rims. And our buckets are wider. With more padding. 
Now there is a sportscar with a great ride. So ride. 
That’s what the 1969 Firebird Break Away’s all about.

Drivers, your time has come! Break away with our Firebird 400. 

Far be it from us to deal in the sensational, but then that´s what our Firebird 400 is really all about. For the 400 is still another example of the well-known sport ot Wide-Tracking. Especially when you look at what we give you to work with. A 400-cubic-inch Quadra-jet V-8. A standard 3-speed manual or you can order a 4-speed stick or 3-speed Turbo Hydramatic. Continue. The 400 (and all its Firebird cousins) provide richly padded bucketseats, upperlevel ventilation so you don´t need vent windows, carpeting and dozens of custom touches throughout. Made your date with a Pontiac dealer yet ? He´s got your work cut out for you in the Firebird of your choice. And once you get behind the wheel, you´ll admit it sure is nice work. 
En Wiiiiiiiiide-Track Firebird :-)
Firebird 400: Pontiac´s 345-hp, 16-foot inboard. That´s a Break Away !

Wait until you se the propeller on this one. 400 cubic inches, 345 horsepower when you order the Ram Air IV. Or you can specify the 335-horsepower Ram Air. Either way, you get air-eating hood scoops that batten down from the cabin in bad weather.

When it comes to putting these horses down on the road, you´ve got all kind of choices. A heavy-duty fully syncronized 3-speed transmission is standard. The 4-speed Hurst-shifted manual and the Turbo-Hydramatic are yours to order. Also standard is a new 3.36:1 rear axle and redline wide-ovals.
How does Firebird 400 handle ? Its wide-track stance and firm suspension make other "sporty" cars seem like castaways. Firebird 400. Think of it as the catamaran of the causeways. Thats a Break Away !
Pontiac´s 2 sportsmodeller i 1969
GTO og Firebird ! 

We´d like to put in a good word for hoods


Why not ? We´ve got the toughest looking in the business. Take that sweep of metal on the ´69 Pontiac GrandPrix. You won´t find a longer stretch from Sing Sing to Alcatraz . The two bulges on Firebird 400 and GTO are pretty unsubtle too. They´re airscoops. Functional when you order RamAir. Now, youn can order a tach for each of these hoods. And they´ll look tougher. But let´s face it. No hood´s complete without a persuader. Pontiac has them. Grand Prix´s is a standard 350-horse, 400 cubic-inch V-8. Or specify a 370- or 390-horse 428-cube V-8. Firebird 400 has a 330-horse, 400-cubic-inch V-8 standard. You get even more impressive statistics when you order the H.O. or RamAir IV version. GTO started it all. Remember ? A 350-horse, 400-cubic-inch V-8 is standard. A 366-hp V-8 and a 370-hp RamAir IV await your order. Obviously, this is no year to go around bad-mouthing Pontiac´s hoods.

Endnu en 400
Jeg forestiller mig at titlen "Nice going, America" refererer til månelandingen. 




Introduceret som den sande Nordamerikanske GrandTouring bil. Den kunne kun fås hos 3 forhandlere i Quecec (Montreal hos Grant Hamilton Pontiac Buick. Toronto hos City Buick Pontiac GMC og i Ottawa hos Surgenor Motors)

Forhandlerene bestilte en Firebird godt med udstyr fra fabrikken. De blev derefter omlakeret i en ikke-Firebird guldfarve med hvide stafferinger. Det anslås at kun ca. 30 af disse modeller blev ombygget og solgt, og rygtet siger at bl.a. Paul Newman købte en da han indspillede en film i Montreal.


Guld læderinteriør, Vinyltag med specialemblemer, Convertibles havde elektrisk kaleche (hvid)
Marshall tågelygter, Highspeed kørelys med quartzpærer, Special kølerhjælm krom louveres
TurboHydramatic eller 4-speed Manuel close ratio. Begge i konsol., Servostyring med variabel udveksling, Skivebremser (for) med bremseforstærker, Fjernbetjent åbning af bagklap, Radio, Dørbeskyttere
Mirror group (vanity mirror and remote control mirror), Custom sikkerhedsseler, RallyMag fælge
Special Sport tilt ratstamme, Bucketsæder, Rally instrumenter med ur eller omdrejningstæller,
Gulvmåtter (for og bag), Koni indstillige støddæmpere, Speciel dækpumpe, Heavy duty luftrenser.
Heavy duty køler, Pirellidæk med special affjedring (For: 205x14 Bag: 225x14), Bagrude afdugger

Udover ovenstående kan jeg udfra billeder se at (i hvert fald den ene på billedet) har elektrisk rudehejs, samt indefra justerbart sidespejl i venstre side. Underligt nok (da det nu ER en udstyrsmodel) har den ikke aircondition. Motoren er en 400.